Last night I became the treasurer for our system’s union.   I don’t know what duties the position entails yet, although my predecessor’s speech gave me some idea of what is to be expected.  I am looking forward to finding out more, and to representing my coworkers.  My speech was short and sweet, detailing some of my experience and my enthusiasm.  I was a bit light headed and shaky afterwards, but I was good in the moment.

I am not always good at knowing my own mind about policies and situations when they are still hot.  I have to think about things before I can speak, and when I do rush into a statement, I usually regret it or wish I had said more or less.  My biggest goal in being a part of the Union is to get more in touch with my opinions (weird statement–know my mind better?) and get better at thinking on my feet.  Ok, that is my second biggest goal, because first is being the representative that my coworkers need and want, being their voice.

Um, end public service message.  Yes, I realize what I sound like.

What am I reading? Still The Passage, but also now listening to Under the Jolly Roger: Being an Account of the Further Nautical Adventures of Jackie Faber by LA Meyer.  Still love this story as Jackie returns to England from more adventures at Sea aboard a whaling ship.  Quite a lovely diversion.