And just when I think that things are going  well and that I am doing useful work,  I get a reminder that our City Librarian thinks I am less useful than Google.  I know she would be appalled that her words were used this way, but the fact that she said them at all is just awful.  And the article is true, there is not anything in there I would disagree with, except the part that says that the folks overseeing the community conversations were librarians.  While they might hold the degree, many of them have not worked with the public for many years and some never in the library world.  They do not represent me or my position.

This article just made me sad.  Sad for our future.  Librarians are not only the people that find you that dvd you were looking for, we are the ones that protect your right to privacy, make sure you have access to information and provide a gateway to technology for those who haven’t had the exposure.  This article makes it clear that librarians are slowly being specialized, dumbed down and minimized until someday people will say “what is a librarian?”  We have already lost several library positions to clerical positions that do our “basic” duties, and all of the new hires into that position have librarian degrees.

I love my job and will continue to do it cheerfully and to the best of my ability.  I was starting to feel warm and cozy here again, reluctant to ever leave because I feel that I have a bright future in my system.  This article reminds me that I am just a number to be moved or eliminated and while I might get warm fuzzies from above occasionally, this is the bottom line.

Nothing like a jolt of reality to sharpen the mind.