Things have definitely been easier this week.  I have been making “to do” lists and checking off each item.  When I get a little stressed my short term memory goes right out the window.  That doesn’t really help with stress.  So yes, handwritten lists with little check boxes and things added right when I think of them.  I was already doing that with my email–setting the task option for a reasonable amount of time, then going through each one when I had a little down time.

I have a sister getting married this fall and yesterday we bridesmaids had brunch at her place, where we picked fabric and took measurements.  I had recently sent my Mister the dates so he could see about getting that weekend off in his new hellishly hot city.  Somebody said “so, it is the 18th right?” and sis said “yeah, the 18th” and I went “awe shit…” with a blank look where I knew that I had told the Mister it was the 24th.  I had seen this on one of my calendars and sent it on to him.  Sis said “you’re f-ing with me, right?”  And I said “probably?”  And yes I was.  When the text message I sent myself at that OS moment reminded me to check, I could see on the vacation calendar that I had asked for the right days off, so the only thing I had to do was send the correct dates to the Mister.  Whew, see what a piece of work I am lately?  (I had to send myself a text message…)

I also had no idea it was Easter yesterday until patrons started calling to see if we would be open.  And yes we were.  They continued calling until 20 minutes before closing yesterday.  It was my weekend to work and I guess it didn’t matter, me being all non-religious and my kid being all teenagery.  He still ended up with a bunch of candy, which is pretty silly since he is diabetic.  You would think that the fear of needles would make him cut back, but he seems to have gotten used to them.  One of the many side effects of type 1 diabetes.

What am I reading? Still The Passage, which is long and wondrous.  Time has passed and things are more Forest of Hands and Teeth now.  I have a feeling that the sweet little girl is going to make an appearance soon, but that somehow she will still be sweet after a hundred years.  So yes, it is still awesome, with none of the dead spots that a 750 page book (cough/twilight) usually has–final judgement reserved for when I finish.

Last night the Mister and I watched Men Who Stare at Goats and Extract.  Not the best movies in the world, but not the worst.  Extract was Office Space-esc, but not as funny or as insightful.