I hinted that I have been a little whiney lately, a little stressed, maybe a little annoying?  I have annoyed myself, but I can’t speak for others and they have been nice enough not to say.

Most of this has stemmed from the changes that happened a couple of months ago.  I would still be my happy self at my old branches.  I wouldn’t feel as challenged though, or quite as elemental in important goings ons.  In many ways the changes were good for me and are likely leading me in promising directions.

I was stressed and irritated because of some extra work was given to me because someone else didn’t want to do it.  The extra work is really a good opportunity.  The problem is that it makes it so I don’t have time to do programming.  I have taken positive steps and made my teen volunteers my project and things are really working out great with them.

The session at PLA I was talking about in my last post, Mourning the Loss, helped me deal with this.  I was reminded of the stages of grieving that you go through when you experience a major change.  I was definitely grieving and I was in the anger stage.  I was venting to people and it wasn’t helping–it actually made me feel worse.  Hearing this in the session helped me identify it and to let it go.  Just like that, I decided I was done railing against that which I cannot change.  It is working so far.

They also talked about a new book that I put on hold immediately.  It is called Influencer: the Power to Change Anything.  It is more for administration and shows how to lead people through changes with minimal damage to their moral and thus to their work ethic.  There is some information there for individuals as well.

I plan to give it a read just as soon as I dig myself out of this pile of galley’s I was given at PLA.  Which brings us to:

What am I reading? The Passage by Justin Cronin.  Love it so far, even though I am still in the baby stages of the plot set up.  This book is over 700 pages long and thick as a paperback.  Mr. Cronin knows how to set up a character, even a minor one and the story has really sucked me in already.  Some day there will be vampires, but for now there is a special agent, a death row convict, a jailor/guard, a nun and a sweet little girl.  Too bad you have to wait until June 8, 2010 to read it…