Today was a surprisingly good training.  It gave me more confidence in my skills and some good pointers for fleshing out our regular curriculum.  I had to fight off my inner teen, though.  The presenter used a lot of tools to get us warmed up and at first it was really annoying (making us stand up if we’d ever had a really boring meeting, etc., ringing a bell at the end of each timed task, and she kept calling my manager by the wrong name) I was holding back the eye-rolls.  By the end we were all enjoying ourselves and got through a 5 minute presentation to a small group for critique.  It was a 7 hour training, which is a long time to be in one room listening mostly to one person.  We made it through and I have some really nice pipe cleaner art to show for it.

The Mister has gotten his residency assignment.  He will be in Las Vegas for a year for prelim surgery, starting in June.  Since it is only a year, I am staying here and going to visit when I can.  He will be really busy though.  My first visit will be in August during the furlough and I thank the airline gods that Vegas has cheap flights and hotel packages.  I am going to miss having him around so much.  Oh, my best friend has also gotten her residency in Sacramento, so my boyfriend and my best friend are moving away at the same time.  It hasn’t really hit me yet, but I can tell that June is going to suck.

What am I reading? My new iPod doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that there is an audio book on it right now, so I haven’t finished The Curse of the Blue Tattoo yet, but I was really enjoying it before that.  If I Stay was stellar and set in Oregon, so I recognized a lot of places described.  The story itself was engaging and beautiful.  The emotions felt very real to me.  Links and a little more info later.