Lately I find myself railing against things I cannot change.  It isn’t up to me and all I can do is complain.  I am complaining too much and I am even annoying myself.  And now I will stop.

Scheduling computer classes is moving ahead and today I went to training put on by my own Instruction Committee head.  It was pretty informative and even though I should know most of it, it cleared up some questions.

This morning I learned on Facebook that Corey Haim died.  After doing a google news search I found out it was from a drug overdose, accidental, with his mother in the same apartment.  As a parent struggling with teenager issues at the moment, it seriously scares me to hear this.  Either she doesn’t know her son is doing drugs in another room, or she knows.  Which is worse?  Maybe she was doing them, too.

Tonight we are watching Lost Boys on VHS.  Yes on VHS.  And I own this cheezy bit of media.  But I loved Lost Boys growing up, mostly for Kiefer Sutherland.  And the vampires.  Kind of explains why I like Buffy so much.  I love cheesy horror, but hate the real thing.

I will update on what I am reading later.  I have been seriously tired lately between my frustrations and exercising like a mad person.  Well, not really.  I went running a couple of days this week, but that is a couple more days than usual.  So yeah, later.