The Offspring is having trouble with responsibility lately, but I think he is starting to see that this is a problem and is taking him down a road he would rather avoid.  Of course, with the short attention span of my teenager, next week he will forget all about the heart to heart we had this weekend and tune out again.  There are a lot of opportunities on the horizon that hopefully will keep him focused.  Hard to believe that driving and employment are right around the corner.  He’s going to have to make some improvements before his dad and I can support that, though.

We had a great weekend together, despite, or maybe in response to, his getting in trouble for not doing homework.  We worked in the garden together and went for a long walk.  All of the cherry trees are in bloom except for the ones I was hoping to see.  There were pink clouds of blossoms everywhere except when we turned the corner of the street near the park.  Usually there is a luscious line of cherrys there, but their buds were all still tight.  The picture is what it looked like last year.   To me, this street is more beautiful than the quad at the UW in the Spring.  And hey, not bad for a cell phone pic.

I have been doing a lot of baking lately and finally got around to trying my friend David Silver’s recipe for oatmeal buttermilk bread.  It is amazing and perfect for sandwiches.  I used fresh buttermilk from the butter I made recently, and subbed the Italian sourdough starter that I usually use when I make bread.  So good!

Makes me sound like a pioneer woman, doesn’t it?  Making my own butter and bread.  Well, really it has to do with my attempt to eat more locally and really it is hard to find local stuff sometimes.  I get my flour from Stone Buhr, which uses wheat from Washington and I get my milk from Twin Brooks Creamery, in Lynden.  Well, actually I get these from my local Town and Country market, which is cool enough to start carrying both of these items and is only a couple of miles from me.  There was a long time where I couldn’t really afford to buy healthy local food.  Safeway was my staple then and it served me well enough.  Now though, I can spend a little more on my groceries and for the most part, I waste less of this yummy food (just ask my waist-line ;).  It was only 15 years in the making…and I am finally a somewhat successful adult.

At some point I want to have a time set aside to bake bread for the week.  At least the sandwich/toast bread.  It might be sooner than I thought, now that I have found an ideal bread.  Now I just have to set another reminder on my calendar.  Right next to the one to check the Offspring’s grades every week.

What am I reading? I finished Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and I was impressed all the way through.  I would really love it if she would write another set in this alternate Seattle.  Hear that Cherie?  Please?

I am just finishing up Something Rotten by Alan M. Gratz.  I got it in audio book, so maybe I would have liked it better without the monotone reading–the parts were pretty well acted, except for the main character, which is who is talking most of the time… so you see my problem.  The story itself was good–a modern day adaption of Hamlet (where the author pokes fun at their own theme by having the main character deplore modern renditions of Shakespeare), where a rich high school senior’s father has died of cancer suddenly and his friend Horatio sets out to find the real killer.  There is only one true change from the original plot, that I could tell and I think it was a lovely thing to leave out.  You will have to read it for yourself to find out what that is.

I also finished Kings in Disguise by James Vance, which is historical fiction graphic novel set in the late 1930’s, towards the end of the depression.  It follows a boy, Freddy, who’s father has left him and his brother to fend for themselves.  The brother is about to be arrested for assault and robbery, when he tells Freddy to run away so that he doesn’t end up getting taken away.  Freddy does that and falls in with a fatherly hobo named Sam, who says he is King of Spain.  Really well done and worth the read.  Thanks to Sean at Zanadu for turning me on to that one.