I got talked into continuing at the p-patch.  The offered me a prime spot with a little more room, and I get to fill my volunteer time helping with the website.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I plan to move my pavers, strawberries and herbs to the new spot, come rain or shine.  I also hope to get in a good bike ride.  I haven’t decided where to, yet, but I plan to use ride the city to find my route–so far they haven’t steered me wrong.

I have been plotting my visit to Portland for the last few days.  PLA is only a month away now (how time flies) and I am going to the pre-conference to learn more about reader’s advisory–specifically adult RA.  This means I will be there about 3 days before my co-workers.  I plan to take the train down and stay with a friend, then get a ride home.  I was hoping to splurge and book a room at the very cool Ace Hotel on Friday night, but that is the only night they are completely booked.  I am sad about that but I can’t make the stay fit in anywhere else in my trip.  I guess that means that I will just have to go again at some point.

The Offspring has spring break the week after the conference, so I hope to ask to pick him up Sunday and keep him until Thursday morning.  Making phone calls is one of my weaknesses–I rather hate doing it.  It is the only reason I wish the ex was internet savvy.  In other ways I am really glad that man stays off the net.  Email is so much easier–although the potential for misunderstanding would probably ruin any ease it would bring.

What am I reading? Still loving Boneshaker!  Steampunk all the way!  Mother and son keep missing each other in the lost city of Seattle.  Rotters (what we would call zombies) almost get both of them at different times and a mad scientist is waiting in the wings to wreak havoc on their reunion as well.