After another wonderful day off that included many miles of bike trails and much sun, I returned to work on Friday.  I got my first taste of being “in charge” this weekend, since first my co-worker was sick, then another was on vacation.  I did all the things I should, checking the sick calls, recording stats, checking in with my co-workers.  On the other hand, I had fellow YA librarians working with me both days, so it almost wasn’t like working.  We did talk a little about work…

I am really tired tonight.  I fully intended to come home. make some bread, make dinner and watch anime.  After riding to work the long way and the regular way home I got pretty worn out though.  Now I just want to each cheese and go to bed.  Gotta rally.

What am I reading?  Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.  It is an alternate history of the Seattle area, where a crazy inventor destroyed the city with a giant boaring machine and released a terrible gas that turns people into the walking dead.  So far, totally awesome.

What am I watching? Last exile is a steam punk anime where two teens own their own flying machine and alternate between racing and earning money to improve their ship by delivering messages and sometimes cargo.  They end up taking on a little more than they can chew with a very special cargo that is being pursued by mysterious star shaped vessels.

Kyo Kara Mao is about a seemingly normal boy who is sucked through a toilet into another world and to his true destiny as king of the Demon tribe.  I started out thinking it was too weird, but it is growing on me.