One of my favorite things to do with a day off is roam around Seattle.  The Mister is out of town looking at future employment and I have yet another couple of days off in the middle of the week.

It usually helps to have a reason to get out of the house, otherwise chores or reading can derail me (ok, or blogs and facebook…). Today I had lunch with Dad at Tilikum Place Cafe then coffee at Uptown in Belltown.  Tilikum has European inspired menu–I had house made bratwurst, sour-craut and German potato salad.  Very yummy.  When I left there, I waited a little too long for a bus to show up–it was late and the wind came up, blowing me around.  Otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day and once I got on the bus, everything was much better.

I took the bus into Ballard and got off at Market.  I spent some time in Buffalo Exchange and while I was hoping for shoes/boots, I came out with shirts and pants.  Could have been worse, I suppose.  I walked over to the library and got a couple of movies for later.  I also took some time to chat with my co-workers about the recent changes and set up a bike ride with a friend that works there.  We are meeting at Canal Street Coffee tomorrow, then plan ride the Burke Gilman trail for an hour or two.

The sun was so nice that I decided to walk home from there.  I stopped at the new QFC on my way.  It looks almost exactly like the one on Capitol Hill, although I don’t think they have the housewares section.  The walk home was peaceful and the sun dipped behind the buildings as I walked up the hill.  I stopped for a last look at my p-patch, which I am letting go this year.  I just don’t think I will have time to keep it up with everything that is happening, and I should let someone who can give it some attention enjoy it.  I will still garden a little at the house.  Someone will be getting some lovely herbs and strawberry plants.  I hope they enjoy them–and all the work I did recovering the plot from the neglect of the former person.  Even though I hadn’t been there in at least 2 months, it looked pretty good.

What am I reading? Actually nothing… I finished What I Saw and How I Lied on the bus home.  It was very good, suspenseful and a quick read.  Set in the time after WWII, Evie travels with her family to Florida where her whole world falls apart. Her mother and Step-father are not the upright people she thought they were–as many of us find out as we cross over into adulthood–but are they murderers?

I am out of book and not back at my branch until Friday–where I have Boneshaker waiting for me!  It is really hard to wait, since I have heard such good things about it.  Tonight I will watch a couple of Japanese films: Big Bang Love and Millennium Actress, the second of which I have already seen, but liked and hardly remember now.  Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters just frustrated me, but I hope that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lives up to its promise.