The Mister, the Offspring and I just got home from a rewarding trip to see my niece turn two.  She is the cutest thing ever, and really talking up a storm when she isn’t being shy.

On Friday I gave into the sickness and stayed home on the couch most of the day.  I only ventured out to pick up the offspring.  He had his last basketball game of the season that day and I made it in time to see him play in the last quarter of the varsity game.  Pretty straight off he made a 3 pointer.  Pretty good for a freshman ;)  He also got 4 points in his jv game earlier that day.

Libraryland: I accomplished a lot at work last week, despite missing Friday.  Summer Reading programs are all planned for 2010 and I am starting to set up school visits and meetings with community center reps.  I also revamped a volunteer duties/schedule for new volunteers that I will be getting in the next couple of weeks.  There is nothing worse than having bored volunteers.

What am I Reading? I just finished several books, despite forgetting the book I am reading now, What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell, at home.  Marcelo in the Real World was really wonderful, if somewhat idealistic.  Marcelo is a touch autistic, but highly functioning and his father challenges him to try out working in the Real World for the summer–working at his law firm.  Dad does not get everything he expects out of the arrangement, but Marcelo definitely learns a lot about himself.  There is a reason why this is an award winning book.

I finished Cruddy by Lynda Barry just before I left.  This one is adult, although I think a worldly teen could handle it.  There are drugs, violence, abuse, suicide, murder, mobsters and teens coming of age in the seventies.  If you liked Pulp Fiction, you would probably like this.  I actually liked it more.

I am almost finished with Bloody Jack, as well.  We listened to this one in the car on our trip.  We are on the last disc and I am looking forward to the ending.  Girl’s parents die of the plague, girl gets in with a street gang in London, girl gets bright idea of pretending to be a boy and serving as a ship’s boy on a naval vessel, girl falls in love with another ship’s boy…  There is adventure and silliness and actually a lot of candor about what could happen to a teen girl in her situation (ie: rape, prostitution, discrimination).