Days off rule.  Totally.

I have been slow-nursing a cold this week.  Just a little stuffy, then a little coughy, then a little sore throat.  Now I am up to feeling a bit sick with the sneezing and the coughing and the dry spot in the throat.  I am hoping I am better tomorrow.

On Wednesday I was feeling pretty good still.  I went to the usability thing where they give me free stuff for looking at their secret secrets.  I only get to do it about once or twice a year, but it is kind of fun to give feedback on things that don’t really exist yet.  Then they give me software or video games.

I came home and the Mister wanted to go to happy hour and beer tasting.  How could I say no?  So we piled in his truck and headed to Georgetown.  I know!  All the way across town, and nobody died!  We went to Slim’s Last Chance Chili and Watering Hole and had yummy food and a beer.  The Mister had a frito pie that was on the happy hour menu–basically chili on fritos, which is one of my favorite things.  I had a crawfish po’boy.  The crawfish had been lightly fried and had “pig iron slather” (yeah, I don’t know but it was good and a little spicy) with coleslaw all on a bun.  I don’t know many places with crawfish, but I love them.  Like little lobster tails.

Then we went to Full Throttle Bottles and tried some Big Sky limited release beers.  I only had 4 small tasters, but it wiped me out.  The alcohol content in those were through the roof.  I think the lowest one was over 8%.  The store had a pretty good variety of hard to find beers, but didn’t have my favorite scottish ale.

I know, my first picture here is of beer.  But it is my favorite.  We got several bottles of other beer, one of the Big Sky–Ivan the Terrible (great name, eh?), an Alaskan Smoked Porter, which might be for a recipe…or maybe not.  I also got two barleywines to taste, when I am feeling better.  Which I hope is soon.

Then we went home, watched the last disc of Weeds Season 5 and went to bed.

Oh and What am I Reading? Cruddy by Lynda Barry.  It is weird and wonderful, appalling and fun.  I am glad that I got it for xmas.