I have been at my new branch for a week now and at first it was kicking my ass.  I am not the only one who is new there, but sometimes it feels like it.  Here are some of my observations/revelations:

I am not the go-to person anymore, in any situation.

I must learn names if I want my coworkers to take me seriously.  And I have a terrible memory for names, but I am trying REALLY hard.  I look at the photos on our intranet page every day that I am there and match names to faces.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated with the new people.

One coworker started out by trying to get things her way by using the royal “we”–“we” do it this way…  I found out the truth soon after and just pretended like the first day didn’t happen that way.  But wow, annoying.

I have a huge collection and I really haven’t read much of it.  I didn’t realize how many excellent books I got at my old branches.  I feel like there is a lot of filler here.  I had better get reading, but I kind of dread it.

I am trying out a survey to find out what magazines the teens at our branch like or want.  I have gotten one answer so far.  Maybe I need to threaten to take away any that don’t get voted for?  ;)  Oh, and I really have teens.  So far my interactions have been homework related, but I plan to engage one group that comes in to do homework every day to see if they are interested in an anime club.

Well, I am off to the microsoft campus for a usability study.  Wish me cool software!