at my big branch.

I still had a lot of stuff to pack, but somehow it got done fairly quickly.

We had a potluck–I am not the only one leaving here.  They are also losing their children’s librarian, manager and assistant manager.   Another dear team member left a couple of weeks ago for Library School in Indiana.  The potluck was at our staff meeting.  We mostly talked about books we were reading and wrote nice stuff about each other.  It was a nice last meeting.

As if fate was teasing me, there were several teens and tweens in when I was on desk asking for books.

I had a last cup of tea with questionable almond milk.  I have to stop doing that.

I had a nice goodbye with co-workers, especially my manager and my fellow librarians.  Even the guy that eats tuna fish sandwiches in the office and leaves crumbs all over my desk and keyboard said he would miss me.  I will miss him, too.

Each goodbye hug and email made me sad in a happy way.  I am sad to leave all of these cool people.  This was a good chapter in my life.  I hope the next one can live up to it.

Hey, no bad patron interactions.  Blessed day.