at my smaller branch…

One of my favorite co-workers called in sick :(

Got sworn at for asking a guy to turn down his headphones.  Of course the rest of us should be inconvenienced so that you can continue to ruin your hearing.  How silly of me.

Was told that I could just print a rental agreement off the internet by a guy that doesn’t know how to use a computer.  Sure, if you want to pay for it.  Let’s try this book instead.

Had to ask a woman to stop yelling at her children in the library.  We are just too small for that sort of thing (there was no talking, only yelling).

Had my favorite barista come and say goodbye to me and give me a hug.  Now that’s service :)

Had a scone and a pie from favorite coffee place–a double short non-fat latte with a sugar in the raw too.  And it was all yummy.

Helped many people print from the computers.

Was given a book recommendation by a regular patron.

Otherwise had an uneventful day.  Hoorah!