Not my teenager…

For anyone who didn’t read my old blog: I am a mentor in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.  I was matched with a 16 year old girl who was in juvy for fighting, but also had a history of drugs and prostitution.  She has very little family and she was pregnant.  I went out and visited her at least once a month and called every week to check in with her.  We started out with a pretty good relationship, although a little more distant than I would like.  Just before she had her baby, she was placed in foster care in a rural town.  She had a beautiful boy, was going to school and had a stable, if boring, home life.  Several months later she took her child to a friends house and didn’t return.  As a ward of the state, she was a runaway.

She got picked up a few weeks later and her son was put into foster care.  Mentee (as I will call her) ran away again, but turned herself in several times, each time saying she was ready to turn a new leaf.  This happened again a couple of weeks ago.  I got to visit with her just before going on vacation and everything seemed to be going well.  She got transfered from a transitional housing unit to a temporary group home and was waiting for visitation with her son.  The visitation kept getting pushed back because the foster parent was away or the baby was sick.  Then Mentee got in a white van a few days ago and has purportedly said she will not return.  She turns 18 this summer and the state will have washed its hands of her.  Her son will go into more permanent housing, but I still can’t figure out if that means a longer term foster care placement or adoption.  I hope for the latter.

I admit that this plays with me a bit.  In the grand scheme of things, I am not important in this.  BUT  It hurts that I can’t visit the baby and make sure he is ok.  I wish Mentee would talk to me when she is on the streets, but she never answers and when she calls me, she hangs up as soon as I answer.  Some of this makes me want to be a foster parent and other times it makes me want to stay as far away from it as possible.  Maybe when I am older.

What am I watching? Torchwood!  We are on Season 2 now and I will be sad when it is over.  Anyone who likes Buffy, Angel or Firefly would like it, I think.  It has inspired me to try Doctor Who again, but I think I will go with the newest incarnation.