This week has been great, but it was seriously killing me.

My internet class went well, even if there were only 3 people there.  They loved that I stopped and asked if they were following ok and that I answered their questions.  Too much time with the grandkids whipping through the tutorial?  Maybe.

The comics program was also a hit.  85 people showed up!  Too many, actually.  And it was a little too long.  Everyone loved the workshop and the contest but 3.5 hours was pushing it and many of the attendee’s didn’t stay for the contest.  We still had a good time and I had a wonderful volunteer show up from Central.  I had no idea she was coming, so it was like a gift from the gods.  She helped steer people to seats, talked to the kids and took pictures.  If she hadn’t been there, my feet would have hurt even worse than they did.  And they did, let me tell you.

Later that night we went to a librarian meet up where the choices were rollerskating and bowling.  I had to go with the bowling after the marathon on my feet earlier.  Even that was pushing it and I only bowled one round.  My Mister had dislocated a finger a while back, so he just watched, but the Offspring got 2 rounds in before we lost the lane to disco bowling, or whatever they call it these days.  They turned down the lights, turned on the strobe and started pumping the beats.  It was wild.  Offspring would have loved to stay (there were lots of cute girls there), but I needed to get to bed.  Old lady, that’s me.

I have been very happy to have a couple of days off, to sleep late and rejuvenate.  I think I am ready to go back and face the mound of work I have to do before I move branches.  I had a crash and burn in communication before I left.  It gave me a bad taste and made me feel like my fellow librarians might not be helping out as much as we hoped in our new regional plan.  It isn’t the bad communicating (on my part) that led to this, just that no one else is commenting on the stuff that is really important.  Ohm….I will let my frustration slide by…ohm….I will not let this bother me….it will go away if I give it a few days….  …  ..

What am I reading? Well, still Columbine, which is super interesting.  I find myself feeling guilty reading about other’s pain and enjoying finding out what happened.  I keep expecting some huge surprise, but I don’t suppose there can be one.  I’ll let you know.

To tide you over, I will tell you what I’ve been watching.  American Son was better than I expected–the story of a marine on leave for 96 hours just before he ships out to Iraq.  Really good.  (500) Days of Summer, also very good.  Tom falls in love with Summer instantly, and she really likes him… as a friend…  Trona was weird, but totally worth watching.  It reminded me of Never Cry Wolf, but without the wolves.  Man figures out he is unhappy and decides to f*** off instead of continuing in his doomed path.  Remember, this movie is “less about plot than it is about feeling.”