Another mega post, so if you don’t want to hear about my vacation, skip down to Libraryland.

The trip was wonderful, refreshing and way too quick.  Wine tasting was so much fun.  We started out at Borra Vineyards and had a tour of the winery before anyone else got there.  We all asked a lot of questions and kept Marcus, the vintner, on his toes.  We got two bottles there–one of the Field Blend and a 2006 syrah that was very yummy.

We had lunch at Michael David–I finally tried Pazole, which I keep hearing about–and bought 2 bottles of 2007 Sin Zin and a nice sparkling wine that was on special and is no longer available.

Our third stop got derailed by a party that didn’t allow us to get to the front of the tasting line, so we moved on to a strange winery called Saint Jorge.  They barely seemed open when we came up, but rushed to meet us at the tasting room.  They served some nice breads and cheeses with the wine and they had spanish varietals, which I tend to like.  It was overall a good experience and their next verdelho is going to be really good.  The one we tasted first and bought was decent, but the raw wine he brought us from the casks was beautiful, crisp and flavorful.  That one won’t be bottled until later this year, though.  We also got the tempranillo (I was feeling nostalgia for Crave), but when our friends tried to buy some too, suddenly they were out.  That is what made the experience so strange.

Later that night we went to a crab feed for Project Ride.  We had a great time, ate a lot of crab and shrimp and bid on the silent auction which was more of a raffle.  I didn’t care if I won anything, I was just happy to donate to such a fun organization that does so much good.  And the company was good too :)  The next day we drove to Nevada but we had to hurry home after one night because of some huge winter storms in California the last few days.  We still ran into two snow storms, one of which set us back several hours.  At least we got to see M&T’s new house, eat dinner with family and meet their cute doggy, which made me glad we made it to Nevada.

Libraryland: Today was back at the grind and all 89 new emails were checked and either dealt with, deleted or added to my task list.  I got about half way through weeding the manga at my smaller branch.  I hate weeding manga and comics because they are so prolific and popular that weeding for circulation and condition aren’t enough. I practically have to make up reasons to get rid of something.  I also started my “what’s up” for that branch for their new librarian.  Mostly just deciphered our shelving practices for her so far.  One of the emails I dealt with today was setting up meetings with my counterparts, past and future.

The PLA conference is coming up quick.  I added my pre-conference registration on last night so now I have to be there by Tuesday.  The question is whether to stay until Saturday so that I can hit Portland’s awesome Saturday Market.  The conflict is that it is my weekend with my offspring and I hate to put it off.  Maybe I can get my Mister to grab him and bring him to Portland?  Hmm.  Somehow I doubt the transportation would work out.  I have to be in Portland on Friday until around 6pm though and all that driving… sigh.

This week I have a beginning internet class to teach and a comics program.  Both should be fun and I refuse to think about being nervous in front of all those people.  They will be good practice for being a presenter at the iYouth conference at the end of the month. *gulp*

What am I reading? Still Columbine.  I am just being slow.  I did listen to Bright Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich on audio in the car during our trip and really enjoyed hearing about how we should be more pessimistic in America.  I quite liked it and was able to relate it to several things in my life recently as well as events going on around me.