The Mister and I are in Bend Oregon today, and let me tell you, Old St. Francis School is the place to stay.  There are complimentary movies, a soaking pool, bathrobes and fresh ground coffee in your your room.  I wish I could stay here for a week.  We got into town yesterday evening around 4:15 and walked to the Deschutes Brewery to taste some new beers (with a slight detour when we went to their pub on accident).  The tasting room closes at 5, so we barely made it; glad we did though.  It was hard to get the cute girls behind the counter to help us, but when they did, we tried the new Hop Henge and the Abyss porter.  The Hop Henge was pretty yummy but was a bit hoppy (duh…).  The Abyss was too strong for me–sweet with molasses and licorice flavors, 11% alcohol.

In the small theater on the hotel grounds, we saw Pirate Radio–really well done movie about a pirate radio station operated from a boat off the coast of England.  Definitely worth a look-see.  The theater had couches to sit on and they honored the McMenamins happy hour. We had dinner in the McMenamins pub followed by a glass of their 13 year old brandy and bread pudding with whiskey sauce.  After digesting a bit, we went to the soaking room which is a rather large tiled room with mosaics of monks on the walls, statues of lions and fish spouting water and lit by lights in the pool and dim sconces shaped like suns.  The water was just the right temperature and it was so nice to sit and soak for half an hour or so.

Tonight we drive to the Sacramento area and tomorrow is wine tasting and a crab feed.  Don’t worry, we have a driver for the wine tasting :)

Talking about work issues is still sure to make my eyelid twitch–something that started over the holiday vacation and is still annoying me as of yesterday.  So, I won’t be talking about work during my vacation.  I want to feel as far away from it as I can for the next few days.

What am I reading? Columbine by Dave Cullen.  So far it is really interesting to see the shooters as kids, to think of them as teenagers with all the problems and joys that go along with that.  I think that we forget that they were people and not just monsters.  The boys were seniors in high school with bright futures available to them.  Why did they throw it all away, knowing or at least planning, that they would die in a ball of fury, taking classmates and teachers with them and leaving their mark on the nation for decades?

Hold Still was wonderful all the way through.  Both characters and setting were expertly crafted and the story held me to the very end.  It is a beautiful book and now, thanks to a spilled cup of coffee, one that I own ;)