Lots of stuff coming up for life and for work.  The Mister and I are taking another vacation next week and this time we are actually going somewhere.  We are driving to California to do some wine tasting and visit friends around San Francisco.  Other fun things will be done like visiting breweries, going skiing (which I also got to do today!) and seeing my sister’s new house.

But before we do that, I have to host 4 school visits with catalog and database instruction with 7th and 8th grade language arts classes.  I am actually looking forward to this–kids are on their best behavior when they come with their teacher, and I know a lot of the students this year since they have been coming into the library to use the computers and play Magic, the Gathering.  I had no idea anyone played that anymore!  I have been slowly cultivating a relationship with these students since September, whenever I actually work at the branch.  I am really sad there won’t be a teen librarian there to continue it, but I am glad that the staff I leave behind will be on the right page.

Well, I don’t want to blather on like I did last time, so I won’t tell you about the Union meeting I went to.  Maybe later, maybe not.  (and I am tired and listing to one side from skiing)

What am I reading? Hold Still by Nina La Cour.  I finished Leviathan on Friday night and stayed up a bit too late doing so.  Look here for a cool book trailer and let’s just say that I loved it.  Hold Still is quite good so far and does a great job of capturing how a teen might deal with the suicide death of someone close to her.