Today was day 2 back in libraryland.  Day 1 started with the booktalking webinar.  I did well until I got to the actual booktalking portion.  I always get nervous the first time I do book talks at the schools, but by the second time I am a pro.  This time I didn’t have to see the faces looking back at me, but in a way I think that was worse.  It was probably good to let those listening know that I still get nervous, so they shouldn’t feel bad if they do, too.

Next I had a four hour meeting where we mostly discussed programming for the coming year and how we will now be working together as a region to make sure we are covering teen services for our library branches.  There are two branches that do not have teen services librarians and another that is a maybe, depending on how they hire for the position that will open up there.  I currently work at one of those branches and I had a teacher come in today to ask about bringing his students in to work on a project for his class.  I have developed a relationship with this teacher, his school and the librarian there.  I worry about what will happen when I am not at that branch anymore.  But then, I know that because I care what happens, I will make sure that they continue to receive good service from us.  I hope that our new model will allow me time for outreach.  According to what we heard at the meeting yesterday, that is what management hopes for as well.

I made it through all my email yesterday.  There were 125 of them, which isn’t as bad as usual for a 2 week vacation.  I can thank our new intranet for that, because many things that used to be sent out as emails are just being posted and saved there.  In many ways our system is getting more organized and efficient, which seriously helps me do so as well.

Tonight I went to a YALSA happy hour and saw some acquaintances and my friend Jackie, who presented at the webinar with me.  She inspires me to want to take a speed reading class, because she reads several books a week, where I am lucky to get through 1 or 2.  I worry that the enjoyment might go out of it if I do cheapen my relationship with the written word by unnaturally speeding my ability.  I don’t really have time to learn anyway, because I am too busy reading and crocheting and watching Torchwood.  Anyhow, the happy hour was fun.  I forget that I love to geek out about libraries and books because things at work are kind of stressed right now for everyone.

What am I reading? Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.  I have been saving this as a treat–supposedly over my vacation–but had to pre-empt it to read Very LeFreak for work.  Wasn’t I sad when I got there yesterday and found out we weren’t presenting our books? Yes, I was.  Because Leviathan is just as exciting and fun and interesting as I thought it was going to be.  It is steampunk and darwinist and sort of, not really, princes being chased across the country side by armies that want to eliminate his possible claim to the throne and girls pretending to be boys so that they can fly in the big living balloons that are zeppelins*.  I wish I could have just stayed in bed for a day and read it straight through.  Instead, I have to pick at it in the evenings before bed and on breaks from work.

*I am so excited I am speaking in run ons.  Bad English major!