Yesterday I spend the day in my comfy clothes and didn’t leave the house after arriving home from the airport.  I worked on my presentation for tomorrow (practice today!  Yikes!).  This is probably why we were given so much group work in college, so that we could do these things and make them coherent even if we are spread all over the state.  So I worked on my slides, and realized that my two fellow presenters had put notes on them… about 2 weeks ago.  Oops.  So I added mine and responded to their points.  Thank goodness for Google Docs because I was able to just email them so they could take a look at my additions.

To distract myself from the work I should have been doing (namely my book talks) I helped my Google group (I sound like an ad for google, don’t I?) put together a list of questions for our union.  There is an e-board meeting this Friday and we plan to raise a lot of issues.  Funny how fast things can change when just yesterday I mentioned we weren’t really getting anything accomplished.

When I first heard the word “e-board” , I assumed that meant they meant they met virtually.  Turns out it means “executive board”. Heh, silly me.  So they meet in person and members are welcome to come.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work after a 2 week vacation, so I will be buried alive in email and books that need to be processed.  I will try to update you on that fun on Wednesday, unless there is some breaking news that I just have to let out.

What am I reading? I finally finished Very LaFreak by Rachel Cohn.  I just sat down last night and read the over half that I had left.  I have mixed feelings about this book.  I don’t believe that there is such a thing as “technology addiction” which is a main premise, but maybe that is because I have this addiction and am in the denial stage (ha!).  She goes to rehab after trying to kill one of her friends for damaging something her dead mother gave her.  The item was a piece of technology, but I felt that the sentimental value was dismissed.  Author knows best?  Some of the other rehabbers did such cheesy things to get in,  credibility was lost (one boy addicted to an underwater MMORPG reportedly tried to jump off a bridge to continue the game in the river below–and forgot that he didn’t know how to swim…).  There was also a lot of product and store name dropping, although the press wasn’t always good so they weren’t advertising like some authors have done. It was still distracting.  I liked the writing though, and I liked the main story of Very finding herself, working out her issues with the past, realizing who really cared about her and who she really cared about.  But then the book let me down again when the ending seemed too easy and I was left with a sour taste at 1:30am when I finished the book.

I heard a rumor that this was actually Rachel Cohn’s first attempt at a novel and that it was rejected originally.  I did enjoy the book, but I am not sure who I would sell it to.  Maybe teens on the same road, or those who like a juicy story and watching others self destruct.