Put the last of the visiting family on a plane today.  Now I will have some more time to work on my booktalks for the First Tuesday webinar.  That is happening this Tuesday morning at 10am and is a live broadcast.  Here’s hoping nothing goes wrong–it is really only the second time I have been recorded for longevity.  The first time was at the ALA conference in 2008 when I talked about zines for YALSA.  That one wasn’t practiced at all though.  It is good practice for the iYouth conference at the iSchool that I am participating in later in the month (talking about teens, technology and blogs).

A good internet friend of mine had an album release today over on his band blog.  They are Starfish Stories: The Band and they release their music under a creative commons license, which allows you to use their music in, say, a YouTube video and all you have to do is attribute the music to them in the way they have asked.  I got a chance to preview the release and was quite impressed.  It isn’t going to be a top 40 success, but I don’t think it was meant to be that anyway.  This music has a lot of creative uses and is very well executed.  I especially liked “Goodnight Not Goodbye v2.2”, which I believe is the only one with lyrics.  You can download these songs by going to the blog link above–there is a place to donate if you like the music, but you should feel free to listen first.

In Libraryland: More information is coming out, although it is hard to tell what is official (and therefor blogable).  There is a lot of talk about writing letters to the union and admin, but nothing is happening yet that is visible to me.  There might be some behind the scenes work going on, though.  I am not unhappy with my post, so it is hard to get riled up about things, but I do understand other’s consternation over changes made, some supposedly based on “skills and abilities”, that have taken people out of their specialty.  Others are happy for the chance to do something different and stirring the pot more could mess up their opportunity for that experience.

What am I reading? Still LaFreak…I am going very slowly right now.  We will leave it at that.  I hope I finish it in time for the work meeting on Tuesday.  I should have more time to read now that I am not staying up late visiting with family.