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New Year’s Eve is upon us! What are you doing? I am hanging out with sisters and brothers who are visiting from other cities, aunts, cousins and nieces. We are making a massive meal, drinking quality drinks, playing poker and games and toasting the new year. I am also taking a special sister, who is having a birthday tomorrow, to breakfast at Cafe Presse. Yummy for us :)

In Libraryland: I stopped in my branch today to pick up my holds. I got my official letter that states my transfer, and that is about all it said. Not even whether I was still a TSL (teen services librarian, for those of you out of the library lingo loop), but my manager assured me that I still am. I feel somewhat guilty that I am pretty much ok with my assignment. Many of my coworkers are getting moved to places that do not fit their lives well. Mine is a little further from home, definitely harder to get to traffic, bus and bike-wise, but also has some very good qualities–busy branch, lots of kids and teens, lots of reference. We still don’t know where managers will land, so I don’t know who mine will be and that could make or break the deal. There are several that I would love to have and several I would rather not and a whole slew in the middle that I don’t really know from adam.

What am I reading? Still LeFreak–I am reading a bit slower than usual. Not that I want to set you up for lightning fast updates… but the holidays makes me spend my free time crocheting and baking, rather than reading. Back to the book. I still think this girl is crazy, but I can now see her as a real person and as one who is hiding from her past by being super busy, super popular and super geeky. She is on the internet, plugged into her iPod, getting and sending text messages 24/7. This girl needs a chill pill.

I am posting now, because I know the next couple of days are going to be busy, and I am just not sure I will have time to be on the internets. I hope everyone enjoys their NYE!

There are many changes going on in libraryland right now, and for the most part, I don’t know what they are.  I wouldn’t be allowed to blog about it if I did, at least not yet.  I can tell you that I am moving to a different location.  I know that others are as well, but we aren’t even allowed to talk about this amongst ourselves yet.  I have been on vacation for a week and have another to go, so I don’t know anything beyond the basics and what I have pried out of coworkers that are also friends.  In a way, I am happy with the ignorance.

Tonight is dinner with friends, and maybe a birthday drink or two with other friends.  Tomorrow and the next day family comes into town.  I am going to do some supplemental baking, including a new recipe for orange salted caramels from

About this blog: I will be changing the header when I get enough time to touch up a photo I have in mind.  I plan to post 3 times a week, the internet and organizational gods willing, and will include a “what am I reading?” section (see below) that will include a thought or two about the book at that point.  Unfortunately I don’t think I read 3 books every week, but my opinion of books change throughout a reading, so that at least will change.

What am I reading? I put Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld on the back burner to read Very LeFreak by Francesca Block in time for my teen services meeting when I get back.  I can’t wait to get back to it, though.  It has a lot of promise.  Very LeFreak is, well, very freakish.  A couple pages in, I find myself hoping that girl grows up quick (think maturity level).